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Hello everybody,

I am Loic Farge and I will introduce a bit about myself and what you will find in this blog.

So let’s start. I am a French expatriate living in Vietnam, married and father of two nice children (a kiss for them even if they are too young to read it but who knows! Maybe later on they will read their father blog). Ok sorry. I come back to our interest. So I am currently specialist in Magento (integration and extension development) and Zend Framework. I should have wrote it in the other way as I learnt Zend before Magento but well … Following my specialties, you will find in this blog some article about these two frameworks which can interest you (or not). So (just for advice), only read what interest you and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback.

Next to that, I love to discover some new technology so you might find some article about my testing on other technologies than Magento & Zend Framework like some Javascript or others. I keep thinking that even you are specialist in some technologies, it is always good to keep your mind open by testing some other. Who knows… you might discover some feature you will be able to use in your specialties.

Ok I stop speaking for now and just let you read what you want. Enjoy this blog and hope I can get your feedback to improve my posts.